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Stay Safe

Stay Safe

VCU students and employees can help improve the quality of life on campus by taking an active role in their own safety as well as that of those around them. Reporting suspicious or emergency situations to the VCU Police Department can help solve crimes, provide emergency assistance that may save a life and help deter criminal activity.

Observe & Report Crime

VCU campuses are protected only when all individuals actively participate in staying informed and being aware of their surroundings. Report all suspicious persons or incidents, however minor, to the Emergency Communications Center at 224 E. Broad Street. The VCU Police Department’s emergency phone number is (804) 828-1234. Simply dial 8-1234 on any university phone. (Note: 911 will not directly dial from university phones.) You can also visit the Report a Crime page to send in a report via online form.

Some situations worth reporting

  • Accidents involving vehicles, people or animals
  • Fires involving buildings, cars, grass, trash, etc.
  • Safety Hazards including broken doors, windows or locks; faulty lighting; blocked halls, windows or doors; vehicles leaking fuel, etc.
  • Suspicious Circumstances including strange persons or events and unusual or untimely behaviors

Safety Advisories

The VCU Alert website displays information on VCU’s alert status, as well as inclement weather advisories, transit service status and VCU buildings’ status. You can also sign up to receive text alerts on your cell phone immediately notifying you about campus emergencies.

Daily Incident Log

Keep track of what’s going on around campus with the VCU Police daily incident log.

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Emergency Reporting Telephone System (ERTS)

There are currently more than 326 ERTS phones located throughout both campuses and satellite properties. The ERTS phones connect directly with the Emergency Communications Center. Most of them have a flashing yellow strobe light above them. In some buildings, they are red wall phones.