LiveSafe: Community-Sourced Risk Intelligence graphic with a QR code to download the LiveSafe app on an Apple or Android device

The LiveSafe Mobile App

VCU Police provides the LiveSafe Mobile App to the VCU community. The free app is extremely user friendly and available on all Android and iOS devices.  It is a powerful safety tool that allows for more efficient exchanges of information between members of the community and the VCU Police Department.

Users can send VCU Police information 24/7 about suspicious behavior or circumstances, threats, crimes or ongoing incidents. Users can send in photos, screenshots, videos or audio files as evidence of what is occurring. VCU Police can also use the app to send users messages about ongoing incidents or important safety tips.

Tips submitted through LiveSafe are monitored by VCU Police dispatchers 24/7, just as all emergency calls at VCU are monitored.

How to get the free LiveSafe mobile app

1. Scan the QR code, or, download “LiveSafe” from Android Google Play or the iOS App Store.

2. Register with your phone number and email.

3. Search for “Virginia Commonwealth University." Choose your community.

An image of a cell phone with the LiveSafe app open and tabs for Emergency Options, Transportation and Resources.