Computer Crime

The rate of larceny outnumbers any other crime on campus. Make extra efforts to protect your computer from theft. Please register your computer with the VCU Police Department using the Computer Registration database. Keep records of the serial number and make/model of your laptop. You will need these to file a report if your laptop is stolen. 

  • Visibly marking your equipment may deter a thief from stealing your property, but you should never leave your property unattended in a public place or non-secured location, such as the library. Thieves can easily take them away, undetected. 
  • Do not ask others to “watch over” your computer if you are leaving your work/study area in a public place. Strangers may not keep as close an eye on your device as you would. 
  • Pack up your laptop and take it with you so it is accounted for. 

If you are a victim of a computer theft on campus, call the VCU Police Department at (804) 828-1234.