Image: Photo of the Stuart C. Siegel Center at night on the Monroe Park campus

Facts, Stats & Reports

‌Facts, Stats & Reports

The VCU Police Department is continuously working to keep the VCU campuses and the surrounding communities safe.

In accordance with federal Clery Act reporting requirements and in order to increase security awareness, the VCU Police Department publishes the following crime and security-related reports on the department’s website:

For convenient access to the Daily Crime Log, Fire Log, or any of the other aforementioned information, an iPad has been installed in the lobby of VCU Police Department’s Headquarters located at 224 E. Broad St. for the Monroe Park Campus, as well as at 401 N. 12th St., Suite 2-800, on the MCV Campus. 

Virginia Community Policing Data Collection Act

Effective July 1, 2021, the Virginia Community Policing Act requires that each time a law-enforcement officer stops a driver of a motor vehicle, stops and frisks a person based on reasonable suspicion, or temporarily detains a person during any other investigatory stop, such officer must collect the following data based on the officer’s observation or information provided to the officer by the person stopped: (i) the race, ethnicity, age, gender of the person stopped, and whether the person stopped spoke English; (ii) the reason for the stop; (iii) the location of the stop; (iv) whether a warning, written citation, or summons was issued or whether any person was arrested; (iv) if a warning, written citation or summons was issued or an arrest was made, the warning provided, violation charged, or crime charged; (vi) whether the vehicle or any person was searched; and (vii) whether the law-enforcement officer used physical force against any person and whether any person used physical force against any officers.

As required by Va. Code § 15.2-1722.1, the Community Policing data that has been forwarded by VCU Police Department for inclusion in the Community Policing Reporting Database is available to the public online at: In order to view VCU Police Department’s reported data, select the applicable agency filter provided within each chart that appears under the section “Statewide Data.”