RAMSWay, is a series of routes connecting key locations, such as classroom buildings, gyms, libraries, residence halls, and parking decks, on the campuses of Virginia Commonwealth University. When traveling on a RAMSWay path, members of the VCU community will have more opportunities to speak with VCU Police officers and pass by emergency reporting telephones (ERTS phones).

RAMSWay paths are marked with aluminum signs attached to light and street posts along the route.

Routes on each campus were selected based on multiple feedback sources to provide access to many key buildings and locations on each campus. Special attention was paid to discern paths with adequate lighting, existing ERTs phones, low landscaping, high pedestrian traffic and video surveillance.

Security camera monitoring on RAMSWay is passive, not active – the cameras and VCU police will not be able to detect emergencies on the path as they occur. Further, police cannot guarantee constant monitoring of all RAMSWay routes. If there is an emergency on a RAMSWay path, police need to be contacted using available communication channels, including dialing 911 or notifying the VCU Police Department by phone at (804) 828-1234. Pedestrians can also call VCU Police by using ERTs phones along the route or by using the LiveSafe app.