Pedestrian Safety

The high volume of pedestrian and vehicular traffic around VCU requires that everyone makes safety a priority. The VCU Police Department strongly urges pedestrians to use crossing signals, crosswalks and traffic devices. Think about safety before crossing any street.

  • Always be aware of your surroundings; using headphones or earbuds may block sound around you
  • Cross at crosswalks instead of crossing streets mid-block; cross when you have the “walk” light. (If you do not have the “walk light”, stay on the sidewalk if there is oncoming traffic.) 
  • Look both ways before crossing any crosswalk, intersection or roadway. 
  • Look up from your phone or electronic device every time you cross a street.
  • If you can, make eye contact with drivers as they approach the intersection.
  • Consider wearing bright/reflective clothing at night or carrying a flashlight. (carry a flashlight or use the light on your cell phone to make yourself more visible)

View more details on traffic laws

Information for drivers and cyclists

Remember: Everyone, including pedestrians, cyclists and drivers plays a role in traffic safety.

RamSafe Service

  • VCU faculty, staff and students can request rides using the RamSafe service on the Ride Pingo app. For additional information on RamSafe, visit VCU Parking & Transportation’s RamSafe page.

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