Scooters & Motorcycles

Scooters and motorcycles follow the same traffic laws and regulations as other motor vehicles. You cannot drive them on sidewalks and must follow the line of traffic – no cutting in between cars or lanes.


You do not need a driver’s license to operate a scooter or moped that has a 50 cc engine output (or less) with a maximum speed of 35 mph. If a scooter has a 50 cc engine output (or more) it is considered a motorcycle; drivers are required to have both a driver’s license and a motorcycle license. All scooters should be registered through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. You should be aware of restrictions on mopeds, available through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.


Motorcycle operation and equipment are licensed and registered by the Virginia DMV. For an operator’s license, testing and application procedures are the same as for other motor vehicle operator licenses with additional fees. Specific vehicle requirements are published in the Virginia Motorcycle Operator Manual, available from the DMV.