The university demonstrates its dedication to the growth and development of our future workforce by offering internship opportunities to undergraduate students, graduate students and select undergraduate program graduates. The internship program provides a professional environment by which these students and graduates can gain meaningful work experience as they prepare for their intended careers. Interns will be exposed to a broader educational experience with practical and hands-on law enforcement activities.

Interns work under the direction of a designated department leader performing specific and general job duties that prepares them successfully to enter the workforce upon graduation. No monetary compensation received.  Work hours are to be provided by the intern to the Internship Coordinator after an offer has been extended from the department.

Interested applicants are requested to review the Program Guidelines and submit a completed application with supporting documentation to the Department's Internship Coordinator, Adam Crowe via e-mail or via fax at 804.828.1199.

VCUPD Internship Guidelines

Please email for the VCUPD Internship Application.