Bike Registration

VCU students and employees are encouraged to register bicycles with the VCU Police Department. In doing so, VCU Police maintains a record of your serial number and a photo of your bike, making it easier to recover a stolen bike.

Registration: To register your bike, complete the online bicycle registration or contact our VCU Crime Prevention Team at 804-828-6226. We will schedule a time for you to come to our headquarters and we will help you register your bike. 

You can email us at

Where is my bicycle's serial number? Common locations for serial numbers on bicycles are on the chain stay, down tube, head tube, and pedal crank. Some serial numbers may be on stickers that can be easily removed. It is best, under these circumstances, to engrave an identification number. Engrave the two-letter abbreviation for your licensing state and your driver's license number. This number is unique to you and traceable by law enforcement. 

How-To Guide for Bike Registrations

  1. Click on the online bicycle registration.
  2. Fill in the blanks for contact information, your local address and your parent's / permanent address.
  3. Fill in the blanks for bike information, then click "Save & Submit".

Other Bike Notes

  • We recommend a U-lock as your primary lock.
  • For registration inquiries, contact VCU Police at 828-1196. For removal and impound inquiries, contact VCU Facilities at 828-9444. 
  • The Virginia Department of Transportation has a list of bicycle laws available online for your review: Bicycling and walking in Virginia.

Diagram showing you how to properly lock your bike up with a U-lock