4-1 Compensation and Benefits

Policy Type: Local

Responsible Office: Chief John Venuti, Virginia Commonwealth University Police Department

Initial Policy Approved: 11/10/2013

Current Revision Approved: 9/21/2023



This directive relates to the compensation and benefits offered to employees within the VCU Police Department, as well as various conditions of work.  VCU and the Commonwealth of Virginia govern most of the topics within this written directive. All new employees attend an orientation, presented by VCU Human Resources, detailing various benefits and related programs for which they are eligible when employed by the University. All VCU Human Resource policies are located on the VCU Integrity and Compliance website for the VCU Policy Program Home.

VCU’s Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) policy details the Commonwealth’s human resource polices that apply to classified employees employed at VCU. All VCU classified staff are subject to all DHRM state policies. VCU university and academic professional are subject to the Working @ VCU: “Great Place” HR Policies policy. VCU classified staff are also subject to three sections of the Working @ VCU: “Great Place” HR policies policy: Section IV. Performance Management; Section V. Career Development; and Section VI. Leadership Development.


Accountability Statement

All employees are expected to fully comply with the guidelines and timelines set forth in this written directive.  Failure to comply will result in appropriate corrective action.  Responsibility rests with the division commander to ensure that any violations of policy are investigated and appropriate training, counseling and/or disciplinary action is initiated.


Compensation Plan

The compensation program is in accordance to the guidelines established by DHRM for classified staff and by VCU for university and academic professional staff. Job families and salary ranges, along with specific compensation information related to classified staff and to university and academic professional staff are available on the VCU Inside HR website.


Benefits Plan

The benefits program is in accordance to the guidelines established by DHRM for classified staff and by VCU for university and academic professional staff.  Additional information, along with specific benefit information related to classified staff and to university and academic professional staff, is available on the VCU HR website.


Leaves of Absence

The circumstances and conditions under which leaves of absence would be afforded an employee are detailed on the VCU HR website and are in accordance to the guidelines established by Department of Human Resource Management.



Paid holidays for state employees are outlined on the VCU HR website.



  1. Application for vacation shall be made in advance of use. Vacation requests for more than two (2) weeks will be submitted via written memorandum submitted to the respective division Captain via the subordinate's immediate supervisor.  The nature of an employee's job may require the Chief of Police to restrict the scheduling of vacation during certain periods of the year. The immediate supervisor will have the authority to approve time off not in excess of two (2) weeks unless mandatory assignments deem otherwise.
  2. Officers are responsible to make appropriate arrangements and notifications with regard to any subpoena dates which conflict with their vacation time.
  3. VCU’s Time & Leave Reporting policy provides additional information regarding the required use of VCU’s electronic timekeeping system.



  1. The retirement program for all Commonwealth of Virginia employees is detailed in the Virginia Retirement System Handbook (VRS) which is available on the VCU HR website.
  2. Sworn VCU Police personnel are covered under the Virginia Law Enforcement Officers Retirement System (VALORS) which is administered by VRS.


Health Insurance

Health Insurance benefits are detailed in Virginia Administrative Manual for Health Care Program and are available on the VCU HR website.


Disabilities and Death

The disability and death benefits for employees and/or their survivors are detailed on the VCU HR website and on the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) Benefits and Programs webpage.


Liability Protection

The liability protection program for employees is detailed in Self-Insured General Liability Plan for the Commonwealth of Virginia, as authorized by Virginia Code 2.2-1837,2.2-1838, and 2.2-1839. VCU’s Insurance & Risk Management Services provides details on their website.


Uniforms and Clothing

  1. Uniformed personnel in the department shall receive an initial issue of uniforms and equipment.
  2. The Property Office shall issue all uniforms and equipment.
  3. The replacement of uniforms and equipment due to fair wear and tear will be at the department's expense. When the replacement or repair is due to loss, misuse, or abuse, the employee will pay the costs.
  4. All uniform items and equipment are department property and must be returned to the department upon separation of employment.


Educational Benefits

VCU’s Tuition Benefits, Educational and Training Opportunities policy provides detailed information on the educational benefits available for employees. Additional information is available on the VCU HR website.


Support Services

  1. In case of serious injury or death of an employee, the department will coordinate with the employee's immediate supervisor to ensure the employee receives all benefits entitled to them. The supervisor will assist the Personnel Administrator and the Timekeeper with all arrangements, insurance benefits, disability and/or death benefits, and any pension due the employee or their family in the event of the employee's death.
  2. The Commonwealth of Virginia offers an Employee Assistance Program for department employees who have personal problems. All inquiries to the State Employee Assistance Service (SEAS) remain confidential.


Revision History

This policy supersedes the following archived policies:

11/10/2013 - 4-1 Compensation, Benefits and Conditions of Work