Emergency Communications Center

A minimum of three certified professional communications officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the Emergency Communications Center, providing communications support to the department and the community. They respond to all calls for service and coordinate the efforts of the Security Escort Service, police officers, academic security officers, residential security officers and G4S security, all of whom are monitored and dispatched throughout each shift.

State-of-the-art computer and access control systems allow the staff to speak with a complainant while the call is simultaneously being dispatched to police for assistance. The dispatchers also continually monitor the LiveSafe Application as well as multiple other systems for incoming information and requests for police response. When calling for service or an emergency, please assist the communications officer by being prepared to respond to the following:

  • WHERE you are calling from.
  • WHAT is the nature of your call.
  • WHEN the event occurred.
  • WHO you are.

The Emergency Communications Center also serves as a general information center for the University. Communications Officers provide directions, bus schedules, campus events and other miscellaneous information to the community.

The Emergency Communications Center is located at 224 E. Broad Street. The center is open to the general public 24 hours a day, to report emergency or non-emergency needs. Our staff members are always willing to help.

Remember that the VCU Police (emergency number) is (804) 828-1234 or VCU-HELP (828-4357). The VCU Police (non-emergency number) is (804) 828-1196 or VCU-COPS (828-2677). The Security Escort Service number is (804) 828-7233.

Emergency Response Telephone System

There are more than 320 ERTS phones located at various areas throughout each campus. They connect directly with the Emergency Communications Center. Outdoor ERTS phones are yellow call boxes labeled “VCU Police,” while indoor ERTS phones are red dial-less wall phones. Simply push the button or lift the receiver to connect with VCU Police.